Holiday-Worthy Platters

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Dauville Platters in Gold, $38 at |
Fleur De Lys Platter, Large, $38 at  |
Copper-Edged Handmade Ceramic Olive Platter, $58 at  |
Countryside Oval Platter by Mikasa, $85 at |
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The most beautiful serving piece ever to grace your Thanksgiving table. 

Ever walk into a store and realize you aren't getting out alive? And by alive, we mean without buying something far too expensive and amazing? Guilty as charged, and this gold-rimmed porcelain platter from our all-time favorite home store, ABC Carpet & Home in New York, is the kryptonite. 

We rationalized that it will grace the Thanksgiving table, carrying the turkey or a gorgeous mix of roasted fall veg. Then we’ll pull it out again at Christmas, when it’ll fancy up our home-decorated cookies, of course. And that was just the start of our cost-per-use debate. Which we won. With ourselves. But even so $158 for a platter is a splurge , so we rounded up 5 more drop-dead-gorgeous but way-more-affordable platters to spruce up your table.