Dreaming of traveling to Hawaii? Whether it’s prepping for your first trip to the islands or finding where to eat on Oahu, a list of classic Hawaii local food, how to find good shave ice, or which island to visit, these picks from the editors of Salt & Wind Travel will help you get more out of your travels. Find day island guides, itineraries, recipes, and more.
Untamed Big Island: Escaping The Crowds For Waimea Bay | https://saltandwind.com

Untamed Big Island: Escaping The Crowds For Waimea Bay

Here are my must-visit spots for food, waterfalls, and craft beer on Big Island, Hawaii.

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Coconut Brown Butter Mango Bread | https://saltandwind.com

Coconut Brown Butter Mango Bread

Do you have a travel tradition? Something small you do on every trip? Neither do I, but as of this very moment I want to change that. Starting with sharing some travel inspirations with my fellow travelers. 

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Thailand May Be Hawaii’s Long-Lost Sister | https://saltandwind.com

Thailand May Be Hawaii’s Long-Lost Sister

If you love Hawaii, you should head to Thailand next—here's why:

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Maui Off The Beaten Path | https://saltandwind.com

Maui Off The Beaten Path

Yes, we too love to go to Maui with no plans beyond Mai Tais and beach time. But try to make some time for exploration because there's so much more to see. Here are 10 ways to get to know Maui better:

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Lemongrass and Cinnamon Hawaiian Plantation Iced Tea | https://saltandwind.com

Lemongrass and Cinnamon Hawaiian Plantation Iced Tea

Hawaii has changed Iced Tea for me and it's all because of Plantation Iced Tea. Like an Arnold Palmer but with pineapple juice, the best I’ve come across is from Diamond Head Grill and this is my shot at recreating it.

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Spicy Ahi Poke Tostadas Recipe | https://saltandwind.com

Spicy Ahi Poke Tostadas Recipe

If you've spent anytime in Hawaii, then you know what the deal is – you get there and it's all about the poke. I mean, sure, I love the boiled peanuts and a bowl of Saimin and a great malasada (or ten) is a must, but it's the unofficial mission of our each and every trip to find the best poke of the moment of whichever island I'm on. It should be said that poke has become so popular in the last year that there's every version under the sun. I like to make super classic shoyu poke but put it on a slaw and a tostada for a bit of crunch and freshness. 

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Tropical Breakfast Bruschetta | https://saltandwind.com

Tropical Breakfast Bruschetta

This Tropical Breakfast Bruschetta is inspired by the bruschetta Chef Lee Anne Wong serves at her Oahu restaurant, Koko Head Cafe, which was the first stop on our Off Menu: Honolulu episode. Her cooking reflects food in Hawaii right now: a little indulgent, has influences of the local ethnic groups, and uses local food.

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Salt & Wind Oahu Makers | https://saltandwind.com

Salt & Wind Oahu Makers

This week Salt & Wind is heading west to Hawaii with some of our favorite fellow travelers. We’re well aware that might only cause vacation envy for a few of you. To help alleviate that, we’re recreating the trip in the form of a giveaway that includes a few nights at some of our favorite hotels as well as products from some amazing local Oahu producers.

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Off Menu: Honolulu Episode | https://saltandwind.com

Off Menu: Honolulu Episode

This episode of Off Menu is one where I head to Honolulu, Hawaii in search of all the best food the city has to offer right now. 

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Mari Jamadi Shares What To Pack For Hawaii | https://saltandwind.com

Mari Jamadi Shares What To Pack For Hawaii

When it comes to travel, packing separates the women from the gals. There are those who look as stylish on the road as they do at home and those ladies? They give us major style envy. So, we're asking them to give us a look inside their luggage to see what they take where. And we're starting with the Mari (aka Nomadic Habit).

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Bringing The Beach Home | https://saltandwind.com

Bringing The Beach Home

There is something about the beach that evokes ultimate relaxation vibes. Warm breezes, gold-filtered light and a sense of slowing down without a care in the world — well, except for finishing that magazine and icy drink before sundown. We think everyone deserves a little coastal comfort year round so we’re bringing that calm inland!

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Tropical Coconut Chia Cacao Acai Bowl Recipe | https://saltandwind.com

Tropical Coconut Chia Cacao Acai Bowl Recipe

A super simple recipe for healthy açai bowls topped with mango, chia, cacao, and more.

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