Souvenir Recipes

Like edible souvenirs, these our easy versions of recipes inspired by a trip or a memory of eating on the road so that you can eat like a local even if you never leave home.
Ginger Beet Martini Cocktail |

Ginger Beet Martini Cocktail

Inspired by a drink I had last month at Hotel L'Amour in Paris's 9th arrondissment, this beet red martini is gingery, spicy, sweet, and intoxicating, just like a great romance. 

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Huli Huli Chicken Skewers |

Huli Huli Chicken Skewers

It's hard to mimic the smoky, flame-licked rotisserie chicken known as huli huli chicken you get in Hawaii but this recipe does a darn good job at getting close!

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Chocolate Cornflake Clusters |

Chocolate Cornflake Clusters

If there had ever been a mimimalist movement in food, I'm pretty sure these Chocolate Cornflake Clusters would've been at the forefront of it. So simple they make you wonder why you didn't come up with it yourself -- until you realize that's because it takes a mastermind French pastry chef like Jacque Pepin to make something so simple yet so brilliant. 

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Baklava Filo Cups |

Baklava Filo Cups

After Sonja spent a few weeks wandering around Santorini, she wanted to bring some of the flavors of Greece home. Inspired by her trip, she created these Baklava Filo Cups have all the flavor of baklava without the tedious work. 

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Spicy Harissa Shakshuka |

Spicy Harissa Shakshuka

We need to talk shakshuka — now, more than ever, it’s having a moment. I was first introduced to it by my Tunisian neighbors when I lived in Paris and have made some variation on it since. Like so many dishes in the region, these are dishes that come from everywhere yet nowhere at once and this one is no exception. But, no matter where it originally comes from, what I can tell you is it’s delicious.

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White Bean, Poblano, and Chicken Chili |

White Bean, Poblano, and Chicken Chili

A super simple recipe for a white (as in tomato-less) chili made with spicy poblano chiles, white beans, and seared chicken. 

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Indian Kati Rolls with Curried Cauliflower |

Indian Kati Rolls with Curried Cauliflower

In India there is a constant reminder of how old, rich, and amazing the Indian culture really is. Just when you think you knew when something was created or invented, some stat is thrown at you about how the Indians invented it and you're totally baffled. So, when my friend told me Indians invented burritos, I just started chuckling and then he handed me a kati roll. While it's not quite a burrito, it's just as delicious and addictive, which is fine by me. 

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The Austin Salad |

The Austin Salad

Camille Styles knows how to share: first she shared with us her advice on how to do 24 Hours in Austin and now she is sharing this awesome salad recipe from her new cookbook, Camille Styles Entertaining

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{Tacos Norteños} Griddled Chipotle Chicken Tacos |

{Tacos Norteños} Griddled Chipotle Chicken Tacos

On a rainy day down in San Antonio and I tucked into the bustling Rosario's restaurant in search of lunch. Though everyone kept talking up the puffy tacos, I couldn't resist the sound of the toasted, melty Tacos Norteños. There are much more authentic versions of Tacos Norteños out there and these don't bear any resemblance to them, but, whatever you call them, these are delicious.

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Sumac and Thyme Roast Chicken |

Sumac and Thyme Roast Chicken

A Sunday dinner of roast chicken is one of my favorite weekend rituals but, just because we do it on the regular, doesn't mean it's boring. One week it's Chile-Lime Chicken, others this Smoked Paprika-Oregano situation, and this last weekend it was a twist on Middle Eastern za'atar with this Suma...

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Roasted Red Pepper Romesco Dip |

Roasted Red Pepper Romesco Dip

Inspired by the classic romesco sauce—roasted peppers, Marcona almonds, paprika, and garlic—this dip’s only problem is how addictive it is. Like any respectable spread, you quickly find yourself (and, let's be honest, I'm speaking from first hand experience here) using it any and everywhere, from...

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Fudgy Coconut Brigadeiro Brownies |

Fudgy Coconut Brigadeiro Brownies

These brownies are inspired by trip to Brazil and, if I learned anything while there, it's that they're not big on restraint. Especially when it comes to dessert. Especially when the dessert are brigadieros – cocoa and condensed milk truffles. Some of my favorite were from Doceria Tudo Bolo in Belem where they make brigadeirosbrigadeiro brownies, get the point. That inspied me to I brownie-fy the brigadeiro.  

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