Essential Basque Country Souvenirs

Whatever you do, don't pass through US customs with my mother -- they've got their eyes on her and she's been blacklisted. It happened years ago at the Detroit airport when she tried to bring a bone-in leg of prosciutto back in the country and, ever since, it's like she has the plague because we often become guilty by proximity. So, when Mom's not around, and I'm not risking getting nabbed at the border, I go a little overboard -- and by little I mean I bring back a carry-on bag worth.

My last trip to Basque Country was epic when it came to food as I got to hop back and forth between Spain and France and eat my favorite flavors from both countries. Here's a selection of some of the food I ate, all of which I brought back with me as food souvenirs -- now if I can only make it last until I can next get back to Basque Country.

Here are things to buy to get a taste of Basque country in your home:

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