Why We (Not So Secretly) Wish We Were Australian

If you ask us, the Aussies are owning it right now. True, it's summer down there, which means it's easy to get green with envy as we sit with shovel in hand staring down snow banks and they kick it beachside. But, we're crushing on them and it's about way more than their weather.

We know, the offical day to tout our love – Australia Day – was last month but, in our book, the month of romance is just as apt a time. While Australia is indeed beautiful, that alone isn't why we wish we had that Australian blood; it's the fabric of the people who – from the fashion to the photography to the culture – seem to live life in a cruisy and creative way.

Here are 10 reasons why we wouldn’t mind being born Australian.

Brekky Is A National Pastime

If you take the word breakfast, keep the first half, shorten the last part and put it in Australia, you have brekky. Rather than waking to your alarm, it's to the sound cockatoos and kookaburras and the sight of the sun spilling over the horizon. Brekky usually starts with a flat white from your corner café – one that is frothy and simple yet artfully crafted – and each restaurant brings its own style to classics like Bircher muesli or poached eggs with avo mash, roasted veg, or kranskys (little sausages). 

There is the Sunday Session

Aussie’s aren’t ones to rush anything and that includes the weekend. Sundays aren't a day of recovery, but an opportunity to get out and enjoy. Think rooftop parties, live music, and all-day jam sessions. Sunday Sesh varies across the country, but it pretty much always involves music, mates, and a bounty of beer. In short, a Sunday Sesh requires little explaining, but much participating.

Things Aren't Taken So Seriously (Including Yourself)

There is a term in Australia – taking the piss, which disregards the concept of saving face and embraces the idea of poking fun at your mate. It’s part of the social fabric – to call someone out for acting ridiculous – but also a way to crack a joke while keeping people in check. It’s a universal language that every Aussie is fluent in because everyone does and can and will take the piss on everyone. For that there's rarely anyone taking themselves, their work, or their lives too seriously. 

Everyone Knows Your Name

The country is so isolated that it's all that much more important – practically a duty – to say hello to the neighbors. There's rarely an awkward silence because people stop to say hello (and will likely stay for a chat). It's unlikely you'll be asked “what you do” but almost certain you'll be asked “how ya goin."

Political Correctness Isn't Such A Big Deal

Australian’s care about relevant issues, but they could care less about being politically correct when discussing said issues. They're open-minded so anything's fair game: sex, religion, war and politics are spoken about with no holding back. They’ll grill you about gun control or the drinking age, but it comes from an honest curiosity and an earnest desire to really, truly converse.

Everday You Make Time For Arvo

The afternoon, or arvo, is a time all its own and it's cherished. It's about making the most of the day, right up until the last moment sliver of sun drops. Filled with swimming, lounging, surfing or meeting a mate for a drink, arvo’s are a special time that, even if wasted, are done so with intention.

Style Is About What Suits You

Aussies have a keen eye for aesthetics and their clothes reflect that. Although trends come and go there as much as the next place, attention is paid to what suits. I was pleasantly surprised when I heard a teenage girl suggest to the other, to “go for these sunnies that suit you” rather than to follow fad. Style specific to each person is never diregarded for the sake of following trend, from which individuality is born.

Rain Or Shine, You're Outside

Even in cities like Melbourne, which is known for experiencing all the seasons in one day, they still create ways that life can be enjoyed alfresco. Space heaters, canopies, ivy terraces, make it so people can dine and drink outside no matter the weather (and they do). Even in the smallest of teeny towns, the coastline is respected and situated so you can access it and enjoy it.

There's More Time For Being

There is a reason it seems like Australians work way less – because they do. Higher wages and more time off creates a culture where everyone revels in taking a holiday and there's a value placed on working to live, not living to work, and everyone follows suit. It’s a culture defined not by the work week but by the holiday – either taking one or coming back from one or planning one – and that shift in perspective does wonders for their collective outlook. 

They Know How To Live Out Loud

I would be doing the country an injustice were I not to mention the love of getting loose. Sure, it's often attributed to drinking, but it's about more than alcohol and rather about living life out in the open and out loud. It's a mentality that's about accepting one's neighbor, trading judgment for laughter, generally enjoying more, and caring less. It's a lifestyle that breeds people who embrace excitement and self-expression, which is why most of all, we love our Australian friends so.

Opening Photo by Anh Dinh

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