Book It To Bali To Kick Up Your Clean Eating Routine

We're pretty sure you don't need any convincing as to why you should travel to Bali. But on top of the already adored views, serenity, and culture, we've got another less common reason: clean eating. While we don't normally travel to reset our eating habits, it turns out Ubud, Bali is a pretty perfect for just that. 

Ubud is a mecca of wellness and the place to embrace a Zen mentality. Set in lush ravines among terraces of rice paddies, it's a most idyllic place to reset, be it through yoga, meditation, music or food. A mix of raw, organic, and vegan cafes and, traditional Balinese warungs, it's hard to find a bad meal.

So, while we can't all book a ticket there, we can get healthy inspo with these 10 places:

Bar Luna

Expats and travelers alike unite at this boho cafe for fulfillment of minds and stomach. Bar Luna serves fabulous tapas (try the bamboo skewers and satays), but it's just as known for its literary events where local musicians, poets and thinkers convene on the regular until late into the evening.

Warung Sopa

This sunny, laid-back spot is one of my favorites to hang out and retreat from the masses. They serve delicious drinks and soups in an open-air setting, but the real gem is their veggie take on Nasi Campur (a local Balinese rice dish with a variety of sides). 


Always buzzing, KAFE is the holistic hub in the heart of Hanoman. With free wifi and a yoga studio next door, it's the spot for entrepreneurs and yogis alike who congregate over green juice and salads. 

Yellow Flower Café  

Yellow Flower is outside of town along the rice fields but it's worth the trek, both for the food and the lush setting. Situated in Penestanan and accessed only by foot, Yellow Flower allows you to embrace the quieter side of Ubud and more traditional fare.


Walking into Alchemy was like discovering the doors to vegan heaven. Boasting the island's first 100% raw vegan café and juice bar (complete with a chocolatier), raw eating has never looked so luxurious. The food alone is worth the trek to Penestanan but you’ll want to hang out past your meal just to get in on the great energy.

Soma Café

Situated on the bustling Jalan Gautama, Café Soma is a true Ubud high-vibe café. Grab a seat along the bar that looks out on the street and toss back a wheatgrass shot or one of their many elixirs. Better yet, take a seat along the cushions inside at night and try the vegetarian menu with a side of live music.

Wayan’s Coconut & Juice Bar

When you are deep into your Ubud clean eating, you'll want to keep yourself on track with a stop here. Located outside of Ubud, along the road towards Alchemy, Wayan has seemingly every fruit, veg, and superfood on hand and can blend them to order. They also always have uber-fresh just-picked coconuts so you can stay hydrated in style.

CP Lounge

During an evening stroll down Monkey Forest Road, I followed the sounds of live reggae music across the soccer fields and came across this gem. No trip to Ubud is complete without a visit to CP Lounge – it’s the ideal place to hang out, meet fellow travelers, catch a bit of live music, and grab a late night bite. 

Café Havana

We know, you didn't travel to Bali to eat Cuban food, but trust us this place is a must if only for the setting that's Havana nights meets bohemian Bali, not to mention it's along one of my favorite streets in Ubud. Yes, it's amazing at night when there's live music and dancing, but we prefer it in the off-hours, like, say, to stop in for a morning oatmeal or a mid-afternoon drink. It's not the healthiest of places but you are still on vacation so you gotta indulge in between all that clean eating, you know?

Opening photo by Alita Ong

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