Off Menu: Los Angeles Episode

It's official – my TasteMade food-travel series, #OffMenu, is finaly here!

Each episode we go to a different city, meet up a local food expert, and have them show us the best of what's happening now in their local food scene — from classics that never go out of style to locals-only off-the-beaten-path places.

We kicked off the season right here in Los Angeles and, though I'm a native, I made a few delicious discoveries. Joseph Shuldiner show us around taking us from Grand Central Market and Mohawk Bend to Saint Martha Restaurant (which, sadly, has now closed).

Every Thursday we'll have a new episode and each week, I'll share one of my favorite recipes from our travels; kicking it off with my rendition of Mohawk Bend's Buffalo Cauliflower with Blue Chese Dressing

Opening photo by Daniel Kim