Our Favorite Pins | Truffle Hunting

This time of year is full of wanderlust that’s tinged with a certain European flavor – we’ve shipped our imaginations off to Piemonte and Le Marche and the southwest of France in celebration of one of the world’s most prized foods: truffles. Due to lots of rain, this season’s crop is especially plentiful, so entertaining our dream of shaving truffles over breakfast, lunch and dinner wouldn’t be entirely out of the question (if we could only find a way to fund it all)!

Speaking of truffles, hunting for them is equally elusive and something only a few lucky food lovers will ever encounter. But we’re checking all these things off of our virtual wish list with this week’s collection of favorite pins.

Now if only we had smell-o-vision… 

Truffle Found from The Kitchn | 5 Favorite Pins -- saltandwind.com | #saltandwind

Black Truffle from Food With A View | 5 Favorite Pins -- saltandwind.com | #saltandwind

Truffle Fonduta from Cook Almost Anything | 5 Favorite Pins -- saltandwind.com | #saltandwind

Black Truffle Fried Egg from What Katie Ate | 5 Favorite Pins -- saltandwind.com | #saltandwind

 From top to bottom, this week’s favorite pins are:

  1. Truffle hunters

  2. Found

  3. Black truffle

  4. Fonduta con tartufo bianco

  5. Black truffle fried egg with blue cheese and mushrooms

Sources (1. David Lebovitz; 2. The Kitchn; 3. Food With A View; 4. Cook Almost Anything; 5. What Katie Ate)

Raise your hand if you’re as into Pinterest as we are. Well, then lets share our finds — each week we’ll show you my top 5 favorite pins of the week if you show us yours! (PS. You can find all of our weekly favorite pins right here.)