Five Favorite Pins: Wine Harvest

With all the beaches, Redwoods, and Golden Gate, it can sometimes slip our minds that California has a crazy amazing wine country, too. But come August and September, it's hard to imagine doing anything but spending an afternoon in the lush vineyards plotting our second lives as winemakers. Evening harvest dinners with copious friends and wine and the backdrop of a rustic-chic barn up against a California sunset? We'll take two, thank you very much.

Fantasies aside, one thing is certain: wine harvest time is something to be celebrated. The season starts in late summer and the excitement in the air is tangible. We welcome the excuse to entertain our romantic notions of the process—in reality, getting up before dawn and hand-picking grapes is exhausting work, to be sure—so we put a Pinterest filter on the whole thing for our favorite pins this week.

Favorite Pins – Wine Time – Napa Valley Wine Harvest Vintage Poster //

Favorite Pins – Wine Time – bucket of grapes // aidamollenkamp

Favorite Pins – Wine Time – Wine Tasting Vineyard Sign //

Favorite Pins – Wine Time – schiacciata all'uva //

Favorite Pins – Wine Time – Harvest Dinner //

From top to bottom, this week's favorite pins are:

  1. Napa Valley Vintage Poster
  2. Hand-harvesting grapes
  3. Wine tasting
  4. Schiacciata all'Uva
  5. Harvest dinner

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