Five Favorite Pins: Fright Night

Halloween is actually a very grown-up holiday—sure, the kids get candy and it's the perfect excuse to dress up your dog like a taco; but the eerie, mysterious atmosphere of the evening is something you can't really take advantage of until you're an adult (as in costumes+cocktails=great). That said, it's time to up the Halloween game, don't you think?

Here's what we're thinking for fright night this time around: a little more spooky than silly, more sophisticated than sweet. Taking a page from the film noir-like feel of the interactive theater production, Sleep No More, our favorite pins this week will leave you haunted in the best way—and, hopefully, inspired to create a little grown-up magic of your own this All Hallow's Eve.

Favorite Pins – Fright Night Halloween – antipasti //

Favorite Pins – Fright Night Halloween – candlesticks //

Favorite Pins – Fright Night Halloween – Red Velvet Devil Cocktail //

Favorite Pins – Fright Night Halloween – party dress //

Favorite Pins – Fright Night Halloween – Matt Armendariz poison apples //

From top to bottom, this week's favorite pins are:

  1. Spooky antipasti
  2. Lights out
  3. Red Velvet Devil Cocktail
  4. Party dress
  5. Matt Armendariz's poison apples

Sources: (1. Apartment 34; 2. April and May Studio; 3. Cosmopolitan; 4. Fashionising; 5. Brooklyn Limestone)