Off Menu: Honolulu Episode

This week on #OffMenu we headed to Honolulu, Hawaii. 

As you've probably noticed, I've got big love for Hawaii as I spend a few weeks in the islands every year. By far, I've spent most of my time on Oahu and I'm always on a mission to spread the word about the island's incredible food scene. So, I was psyched when I found out we'd be heading there for this episode!

When it came to disovering the best of Honolulu right now, I had only one person I wanted to discover it with: Chef Mark Noguchi. Equal parts goofball and serious cook, Mark grew up in Honolulu and has as much love for comfort food as he does serious cooking. And that's exactly what he showed us, starting with brunch at Chef Lee Anne Wong's Koko Head Cafe to classic saimin at Palace Saimin and a no-holds-barred food fest at The Pig And The Lady

I pretty much ate my weight in food while filming this episode but one of the recipes I couldn't wait to recreate whenI got home was Koko Head Cafe's Tropical Breakfast Bruschetta

Opening photo by Natalie Jeffcot