24 Hour Itinerary: Dublin, Ireland With Donal Skehan

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Walk around Dublin with Dublin native, Donal Skehan, and you'll be stopped every two seconds by his adoring fans. And it's easy to understand why: the cook, author, and TV personality has a loyal social media following, a huge YouTube presence, and his personality is infectious. He's constantly on the go but we wanted to know what he'd do on a rare day off in Dublin. 

As a city Dublin offers so much to it's visitors, from an exciting new food scene, great nightlife and culture to some of the most beautiful scenery and landscapes just 30 minutes north or south of the city.  The city is also the gateway to the rest of the country as in Ireland all roads lead to Dublin. You can travel for a mere two hours by car and go from East coast to West.

Ireland is a small country and Dublin is it's largest city but I love that you can bump into a complete stranger and more often know their mother, brother, aunt or uncle! I grew up here so for me it will always mean home.  It's a place of familiarity, of fun, spirit and family.  

Here's what I would do on One Perfect Day in Dublin: