Design Doing Good: 5 Charitable Shops Worth Supporting

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Obsessed: Design Doing Good | Malena Serving Tray | @saltandwind |
Obsessed: Design Doing Good | Moorea Seal Wood Hanging | @saltandwind |
Obsessed: Design Doing Good | Society B Throw | @saltandwind |
Obsessed: Design Doing Good | Across Africa Woven Baskets | @saltandwind |
Obsessed: Design Doing Good | West Elm Stocking Stuffers | @saltandwind |

‘Tis the season to be thankful...and to start frantically checking off your gift giving list before mall madness and late online orders frazzle the holiday spice out of you. Why not ditch the unnecessary stress and shop with a purpose this year?

We’ve rounding up a few of our favorite charitable shops that offer sleek style while also contributing proceeds to aid a variety of feel good organizations. Showing our friends and family we love them feels great this time of year, but doing twice the good by purchasing products that also give back to those in that’s the real spirit of the season we all need to get into!