24 Hour Itinerary: Amsterdam, Netherlands With Marieke Verdenius

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Marieke Verdenius has a fresh, minimal, and decidedly Northern European aesthetic and it's apparent in everything she does from her photography to her work as an editor of the Dutch editon of Jamie Magazine. Her stunning Instagram feed caught our eye when we were scouring (er, stalking) Dutch food people in anticipation of our trip last December and we knew then she'd be a perfect fit to show us how to spend one perfect day in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam has been my home since 1997 and it's a city that I find always inspiring. We don’t really have a reputation for an enormous food culture, but that's begining to change. Every year more and more events are popping up and more people care about their food's origins.

Personally, I love gathering good people and good food and am always in search of new discoveries. Sometimes I bike a different route home just to reacquaint myself with a section of Amsterdam because, right now, it's really dynamic – new shops, cafes and concept stores pop up everyday. 

Opening photo by Chris Tonneson