Butternut Squash, Apple, and Currant Panzanella Salad | http://saltandwind.com

Butternut Squash, Apple, and Currant Panzanella Salad

When I continously traveling, my refrigerator has been less regularly maintained, you know? That means I find an assortment of this and that produce greeting me when I return home begging to be coo...
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Papalote-Inspired Roasted Tomato Salsa | http://saltandwind.com

Papalote-Inspired Roasted Tomato Salsa

We did it — we cracked the code. True it was years ago but I still do a little victory dance everytime I think about it. Back when I moved to San Francisco and in the very first days of ...
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Blueberry Icelandic Skyr Cake | http://saltandwind.com

Blueberry Icelandic Skyr Cake

Inspired by a recent dinner in Vik, this is our easy recipe for Iceland's version of cheesecake, Skyr Cake, with blueberries, skyr yogurt, and toasted almonds. 
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Spicy Ahi Poke Tostadas | http://saltandwind.com

Spicy Ahi Poke Tostadas

If you've spent anytime in Hawaii, then you know what the deal is – you get there and it's all about the poke. I mean, sure, I love the boiled peanuts and a bowl of Saimin ...
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Coconut-Curry Ice Cream | http://saltandwind.com

Coconut-Curry Ice Cream

Bring out the streamers, float the balloons, and sport your best party hats because it’s birthday time! I decided to make an adult ice cream that would be fitting while still festive. And I&r...
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Our Favorite Breakfast-In-Bed Recipes | http://saltandwind.com

Our Favorite Breakfast-In-Bed Recipes

Valentine’s Day is a Saturday this year, which means you can kick off the weekend with breakfast in bed. We’ve got everything you need right here to create a day that’s worthy of ...
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Escarole, Charred Mandarins, Toasted Almond Salad with Rosemary Balsamic Vinaigrette | http://saltandwind.com

Escarole, Charred Mandarins, Toasted Almond Salad with Rosemary Balsamic Vinaigrette

When people tell us they don't believe in winter salads, we tell them to check out this recipe. Made with under-appreciated escarole, an abundance of citurs, and a eat-it-off-the-spoon good citrus ...
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Avocado Green Curry Noodles with Toasted Coconut and Cashews | http://saltandwind.com

Avocado Green Curry Noodles with Toasted Coconut and Cashews

Last night's Golden Globes means that awards season has officially started here in Hollywood. Everywhere I turn, everyone seems to be getting ready: bronzed, botoxed, shellacked, and juiced to look...
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Baklava Filo Cups | http://saltandwind.com

Baklava Filo Cups

After Sonja spent a few weeks wandering around Santorini, she wanted to bring some of the flavors of Greece home. Inspired by her trip, she created these Baklava Filo Cups have all the flavor ...
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Sake Miso Mussels with Wilted Greens | http://saltandwind.com

Sake Miso Mussels with Wilted Greens

 I love to get away. If there’s a trip to be had, I can be packed and ready with suitcase in hand within minutes. Like that one time my coworker casually invited on a last minute trip to Europe and...
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{Salsa Verde Alla Piemontese} Italian Herb Sauce | http://saltandwind.com

{Salsa Verde Alla Piemontese} Italian Herb Sauce

Italian salsa verde is a sweet-sour herby sauce that hails from the region of Piedmont and is traditionally served along heavy roasts and stews. We like to use it all over the place from a sauce al...
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Blood Orange Ginger White Sangria | http://saltandwind.com

Blood Orange Ginger White Sangria

Raise your hand if you too have fallen victim to sangria that's too sweet and just a hangover waiting to happen. This California-inspired sangria with fresh fruit, local wine, and ginger liqueur is...
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Blueberry Banana Almond Butter Smoothie | http://saltandwind.com

Blueberry Banana Almond Butter Smoothie

We talk a lot around here about what we do when we're on the road or preparing to travel but this a recipe we make when we're back home. This isn't the fanciest smoothie out there but it's a keeper...
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Mexican Corn Panzanella Salad | http://saltandwind.com

Mexican Corn Panzanella Salad

Like a fresher, healthier take on classic corn elote meets panzanella, this recipe is one of our all time favorite summer salads.
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Roasted Squash and Pepita Pesto Dip | http://saltandwind.com

Roasted Squash and Pepita Pesto Dip

I can't really imagine a time before this Roasted Squash and Pepita Pesto Dip was in my life. Okay, that sounds dramatic, but I'm really happy it's in my life. And, since it's friendly to almost an...
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Limoncello Creamsicle Popsicles | http://saltandwind.com

Limoncello Creamsicle Popsicles

On my first trip to Italy, I'’d religiously finish the day with a cone of straciatella gelato while the adults would sip on ice-cold Limoncello. Though I didn't ever try more than an eyed...
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Ruby Red Cherry Sangria | http://saltandwind.com

Ruby Red Cherry Sangria

Cherries, meet Sangria. Sangria, cherries. You guys will be best friends, I promise. I know so, because I’ve been pairing you for a few weeks now. Variations of this very drink have been conc...
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Persimmon Burrata Caprese Salad | http://saltandwind.com

Persimmon Burrata Caprese Salad

When it comes to persimmons, we can’t stop won’t stop. The tomato-shaped Hachiya variety are as at home in a salad as a roast as in dessert thanks to their honeyed almost pumpkin flavor...
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Sparkling Raspberry Caipirinha Cocktails | http://saltandwind.com

Sparkling Raspberry Caipirinha Cocktails

Look, I don’t know if you have been to Brazil, but I felt it high time we discuss the best thing to come out of Brazil besides Caetano Veloso – the caipirinha. Though the original caipirinha is a d...
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