{Cathay Delight} Coconut Kiwi Mint Frappe | http://saltandwind.com

{Cathay Delight} Coconut Kiwi Mint Frappe

We tend to criticize airplane and airport food more than we celebrate it, but that changed when I flew Cathay Pacific and tried their Cathay Delight. Made with nothing more than kiwi juic...
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Salt & Wind Favorite Travels 2014 | http://saltandwind.com

Salt & Wind Favorite Travels 2014

Reflection is all the rage on this the last day of the year and around here that means looking back on our most favorite travels of 2014.
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Kentucky Mule Cocktail | http://saltandwind.com

Kentucky Mule Cocktail

he Kentucky Derby is all about big hats and Juleps but I've just never been convinced about that cocktail (big hats, on the other hand, yes), so I tweaked the Moscow Mule, to make it Derby wor...
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Honolulu, Hawaii: Kaimuki Neighborhood Guide | http://saltandwind.com

Honolulu, Hawaii: Kaimuki Neighborhood Guide

Waikiki is all fine and dandy but, if you want to get a feel for what's happening now on Oahu, spend some time exploring one of our favorite corners of Honolulu: Kaimuki.
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Visiting Volcano Island Honey | http://saltandwind.com

Visiting Volcano Island Honey

It was if the skies were weeping there was so much rain falling and yet, not even 24 hours prior, I had been crossing fields of lava rock in heat so dry I could’ve baked flatbread. After taking my ...
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The Man O' War Cocktail | http://saltandwind.com

The Man O' War Cocktail

This cocktaill is an ode to an epic girls trip with my friends, Delilah and Nicole of Dear Handmade Life. While partying in Park City, Utah, the ladies introduced me to this drink, the Man O’War co...
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Passionfruit Mojito Cocktail | http://saltandwind.com

Passionfruit Mojito Cocktail

I'm not sure how it took so long for me to have my first Passionfruit Mojito. I've long made Passionfruit margaritas and often travel to places that have tons of the fruit but I never had the cockt...
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Hi Kai Mai Tai Cocktail | http://saltandwind.com

Hi Kai Mai Tai Cocktail

This isn't anything close to a traditional Mai Tai because I don't dare face the wrath of Mai Tai aficionados. Think of this as a Mai Tai light as it's tamed with passion fruit juice (look for the ...
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Portuguese Sausage Cranberry Brioche Stuffing | http://saltandwind.com

Portuguese Sausage Cranberry Brioche Stuffing

Like the chorizo of Hawaii, Portuguese sausage is a fresh or smoked sweet-spicy sausage that's used in breakfast dishes, plate lunches, and at many tailgates. This recipe combines Portuguese sausag...
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Moroccan Passionfruit Mint Iced Tea | http://saltandwind.com

Moroccan Passionfruit Mint Iced Tea

How to improve upon Moroccan mint tea? Make it a twist on Southern Sweet Iced Tea with cinnamon, cardamom, passionfruit juice, and loads and loads or mint, of course!
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Guava Mezcal Mule Cocktail | http://saltandwind.com

Guava Mezcal Mule Cocktail

There's a liquor store in Baja California that might just have the best Mexican liquor selection I've ever seen. I'd tell you where it is but I've been sworn to secrecy by the friend who first show...
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Beach Holiday Beauty Routine | http://saltandwind.com

Beach Holiday Beauty Routine

When it comes to our summer beauty, we’re all about achieving a California beach babe vibe. Here are our picks for products that are effortless to apply and give us that just-kissed-by-the-su...
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Coconut Brown Butter Mango Bread | http://saltandwind.com

Coconut Brown Butter Mango Bread

Do you have a travel tradition? Something small you do on every trip? Neither do I, but as of this very moment I want to change that. Starting with sharing some travel inspirations with my fellow t...
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Hawaiian-Style Spiced Boiled Peanuts | http://saltandwind.com

Hawaiian-Style Spiced Boiled Peanuts

It’s pretty much impossible to spend any real time in Hawaii without coming across boiled peanuts. Along with poke, boiled peanuts are a classic happy hour pupu (appetizer) and I ca...
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Thai Shrimp Tostadas | http://saltandwind.com

Thai Shrimp Tostadas

We're of the belief that tostadas make anything better -- the salty, crunchy goodness means you can raise your favorite foods up high on a sort-of flavor pedestal. And in the realm of tostada hiera...
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Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Balsamic-Sage Brown Butter | http://saltandwind.com

Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Balsamic-Sage Brown Butter

Comfort food preferences are as personal as it gets. Some people crave mac and cheese, others pot pie, and some their mother’s soup. Being that I’m Italian American, my ultimate comfort...
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Filipino Sisig Chicken Tacos | http://saltandwind.com

Filipino Sisig Chicken Tacos

I didn’t grow up eating a lot of Filipino food (lumpia was my limit) so I hadn't had sisig until a few years ago. Sisig is basically crispy pork bits with chiles, onions, and citrus – l...
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Huli Huli Chicken Skewers | http://saltandwind.com

Huli Huli Chicken Skewers

I get cravings –  like say how I drool at the thought of the huli huli chicken from Ray’s Kiawe Broiled Chicken on Oahu. Huli Huli chicken is one of those staples of...
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A Taste Of Thailand: {Larb Moo} Isaan-Style Minced Pork Salad | http://saltandwind.com

A Taste Of Thailand: {Larb Moo} Isaan-Style Minced Pork Salad

Inspired by my recent travels to Thailand, here is a recipe for the classic dish, larb, a sort of ground meat salad. I had versions made with pork, beef, and duck and one was better than ...
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{Ajvar} Roasted Pepper And Eggplant Spread | http://saltandwind.com

{Ajvar} Roasted Pepper And Eggplant Spread

A healthy recipe for a traditional Ajvar, the dip with tons of roasted peppers, eggplant, and herbs, inspired by Croatia. 
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