Stories, recipes, and travel tips from one of our favorite food places: France!
Parisian Perfection: 5 Ways To Channel French Cafe Vibes |

Parisian Perfection: 5 Ways To Channel French Cafe Vibes

If we could teleport ourselves anywhere for breakfast, it'd have to be to Paris with a cafe noisette and a fresh croissant in hand and a day of adventure ahead. We want in on that Parisian chic in our everyday, so we’ve rounded up 5 ways to easily bring Paris cafe culture into your home.

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Off Menu: Paris Episode |

Off Menu: Paris Episode

Paris's food scene needs no introduction. It's as legit as it gets. But in the last few years it has modernized in a way that's creative but still totally respectful of all the beurre, onglets, et vin that first made it so famous. On this week's episode of #OffMenu, furtniture maker-extraordinaire and expat Adrian Rubi-Dentzel, and I searched out the best modern versions of classic Paris. 

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Citrus Scallops En Papillote With Herb Emulsion |

Citrus Scallops En Papillote With Herb Emulsion

Fig & Olive is one of those restaurants that just makes you feel you’re in the South of France, even if you're in the midst of Manhattan. We credit it to Laurent whose love for simple elegant French food is infectious. Recently, they published a long overdue cookbook and we got to raise a glass to celebrate with them for the occasion. The dish that stood out to me the most that night was this Citrus Scallops En Papillote With Herb Emulsion so we had to share the recipe.

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Five Favorite Pins: Tour De France |

Five Favorite Pins: Tour De France

Go figure: as soon as Fall drops upon us, the fashion world wants to talk Spring! The whole concept is much easier though when you remember that it's not just Fashion Week but Paris Fashion Week. Just the thought of Paris has us humming Ella Fitzgerald while pulling out our crinkled, well-loved maps, and Googling "best baguette in all the land." As a tip of the chapeau, we're taking a little tour de France this week with this week's favorite pins

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Chocolate Cornflake Clusters |

Chocolate Cornflake Clusters

If there had ever been a mimimalist movement in food, I'm pretty sure these Chocolate Cornflake Clusters would've been at the forefront of it. So simple they make you wonder why you didn't come up with it yourself -- until you realize that's because it takes a mastermind French pastry chef like Jacque Pepin to make something so simple yet so brilliant. 

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Making The Most of 24 Hours in Paris |

Making The Most of 24 Hours in Paris

When does a layover become a good thing? When it means I get 24 in one of the most fabulous places: Paris!

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Crepes With Meyer Lemon Curd And Berries |

Crepes With Meyer Lemon Curd And Berries

This last weekend we had a serious winter storm that left everyone confused — confused on how to drive, how to dress, and what season it is. And the produce seems to have gotten caught up in the confusion. A bit wintry but with spring so close you can taste it, we’ve got everything from Meyer lem...

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Essential Basque Country Souvenirs |

Essential Basque Country Souvenirs

One of our favorite places to visit? Basque Country in Spain and here are the souvenirs we love to bring back when we travel there.

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Cardamom-Vanilla Coffee Crème Brûlée |

Cardamom-Vanilla Coffee Crème Brûlée

Unfortunately for it, crème brûlée is so ubiquitous that it's easy to write it off as nothing special. But make it in a very shareable dish for two and infuse the cream with coffee beans, cardamom, and vanilla and you add a dash of intrigue to an otherwise very familiar dessert. 

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