We may be on a mission to travel but we don't want to sacrifice looking good while doing it! Here are tips on what to wear for a given trip to what some of our favorite fashionistas pack when they travel.
Cross-Country Road Trip |

Cross-Country Road Trip

Clear the schedule, check the tires, and pack some snacks, 'cuz it's time to hit the road. We're talking cross country and hitting all the stops — Grand Canyon, Route 66, Austin — not stopping until we hit the other coast and this is what we're packing.

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Beach Day at Caneel Bay |

Beach Day at Caneel Bay

The most fun we’ve had packing lately? Far and away it was for our girls’ trip to the Carribean. One of our favorite stops was the picture-perfect Trunk Bay on St. John's where we snorkled all afternoon. The only thing that could've made it better is if we'd had time to stay for happy hour seaside at Caneel Bay, and, if that'd happen, well, this is what we would've worn.

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Valentine's Day Breakfast In Bed |

Valentine's Day Breakfast In Bed

This Valentine's we’re going all out. We’re making a weekend of it. We're heading to San Francisco, because, with or without an S.O. it's one of the most romantic cities we know: foggy mornings, walks on the beach, and Instagram-worthy views. Saturday promises breakfast in bed, so we’re packing the ultimate comfy pjs and a few go-withs.

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Happy Hour at High West Saloon |

Happy Hour at High West Saloon

Sundance kicks off today and we're wishing we were on a plane to Park City. We'd be watching films, hitting the slopes, and apres-skiing at the High West Saloon – the only thing we'd have to question is what to wear.

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New Year’s Eve in the Caribbean |

New Year’s Eve in the Caribbean

It could happen, right? You could find yourself packing for a last-minute trip to some place warm, like Antigua. Oh, but what will you wear? (A girl can dream….)

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Christmas Cocktails in Manhattan |

Christmas Cocktails in Manhattan

The mood is festive, the dress is sultry, the place is classy—it’s a date! The only question: what to wear? 

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Plane to New England  |

Plane to New England

You already know New England is gorgeous in November, when the leaves turn golden and the air smells like Fall. What you may not know is that the stretch between that and the first snow can be the best time to go—no crowds, eerily beautiful bare-branch landscapes, and bargain prices on the cutest little inns you’ll ever see.

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Halloween Carnaval, West Hollywood |

Halloween Carnaval, West Hollywood

Hollywood is no shrinking violet so, it’s only fitting that Halloween in Hollywood is major. Head to West Hollywood for Halloween Carnaval in one of these food-inspired costumes!

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Channeling Palm Springs Style |

Channeling Palm Springs Style

Palm Springs. Just saying it brings forth images of old-school Hollywood, modern architecture, and relaxed vacation style. In the spirit of classic Palm Springs, we're doing a little design daydreaming -- here a few things we'd have in our dream desert house as well as a few items we'd don while ...

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