Souvenir Recipes

Like edible souvenirs, these our easy versions of recipes inspired by a trip or a memory of eating on the road so that you can eat like a local even if you never leave home.
Mixed Mushroom Toasts with Parsley Salad |

Mixed Mushroom Toasts with Parsley Salad

I surprised when we decided to stop in Amsterdam for Off MenuIt's always been one of my favorite places but I'd never had an amazing meal. But that  all changed when we stopped in at Worst Wijncafe.

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Sage Bee's Knees Cocktail |

Sage Bee's Knees Cocktail

When it comes to cocktails, it's hard to get easier than the Bee's Knees made with nothing more than gin, lemon, and honey. As each season comes along, I like to make different versions with various kinds of honey and flavors (hello, lavender)! But when the temps drop, this is a fave: a sage version that's just as simple but even more sophisticated. 

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Cheater's Super Simple Chicken Posole |

Cheater's Super Simple Chicken Posole

Look, we're all for authenticity but sometimes ease beats it out. And yet we don't think laziness should get in the way of deliciousness. So we've compromised with this posole recipe – it's all the deep rich flavors classic to a posole, but with the brightness of tomatillos, and topped with all your super fixins.

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Coconut Brown Butter Mango Bread |

Coconut Brown Butter Mango Bread

Do you have a travel tradition? Something small you do on every trip? Neither do I, but as of this very moment I want to change that. Starting with sharing some travel inspirations with my fellow travelers. 

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Cuban Roast Pork Cheeseburger with Mojo Onions |

Cuban Roast Pork Cheeseburger with Mojo Onions

Inspired by a recent trip to Miami, this recipe – a combination of classic burger, slow-roasted pork, sweet and sour onions, and melty cheese – makes this sandwich as much Cuban as it is American; kind of like Miami itself. 

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San Sebastián White Wine Sangria |

San Sebastián White Wine Sangria

This sangria is is an ode to my last trip to Basque Country aka one of my all-time favorite parts of the world. Because it straddles France and Spain, it has a culture uniquely its own, yet still has feeling that's distinctly Euro. One night we headed into the beachside town of San Sebastián for tapas (more on that later) and we had such proper Sangria I simply had to make a version to share with you.

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Basic Creamy Polenta with Melted Peppers and Mushrooms |

Basic Creamy Polenta with Melted Peppers and Mushrooms

This dish takes me back to Berkeley's Guerrilla Cafe. I was having a meeting there where I was taking the first step of production of my cookbook and I was so excited that I remember every moment. I had brunch with my now best friend, I pulled out my mood board (pre-Pinterest mind you), and asked...

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{Cathay Delight} Coconut Kiwi Mint Frappe |

{Cathay Delight} Coconut Kiwi Mint Frappe

We tend to criticize airplane and airport food more than we celebrate it, but that changed when I flew Cathay Pacific and tried their Cathay Delight. Made with nothing more than kiwi juice, coconut milk, and mint, it's really refreshing, a bit sweet and tart, and my new favorite food find!

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{Insalata Del Garga} Garga Salad |

{Insalata Del Garga} Garga Salad

Some salads are just instant classics and in our book the Insalata del Garga from Florence's Garga restaurant is very much that. It's a super simple salad with spicy arugula, toasty pine nuts, and salt Parmigiano, but the addition of avocado and hearts of palm make it something special. 

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{Gelato alla Cannella} Cinnamon Gelato  |

{Gelato alla Cannella} Cinnamon Gelato

Having cooked on and off in Italy for 6 years, Morgan Morano learned a thing or two about gelato, which inspired her New England shop, Morano Gelato. When we asked her to share a flavor, she wanted to share this bold, sweet cinnamon gelato, which is one of her personal favorites.

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{Caffe Freddo} Zurich-Style Iced Mocha |

{Caffe Freddo} Zurich-Style Iced Mocha

Zurich knows how to do cafe culture right. From pastry shops that serve classic cappuccinos to the modern coffee bars with cocktail scenes like Milchbar and Bovelli. We stumbled across Bovelli in the late afternoon, and, being the coffee lover I am, I swooned when I saw they were serving something totally intriguing: a Caffe Freddo. 

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Thyme Biscuit BLT with Brown Sugar Bacon |

Thyme Biscuit BLT with Brown Sugar Bacon

When summer is in full swing, we're all about BLTs. And, yes, the classic is always good by us, but, when we're throwing a party, we make these bite-sized biscuit BLTs!

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