Souvenir Recipes

Like edible souvenirs, these our easy versions of recipes inspired by a trip or a memory of eating on the road so that you can eat like a local even if you never leave home.
Strawberry Rosewater Cardamom Lassi |

Strawberry Rosewater Cardamom Lassi

My latest obsession has been this buttermilk and strawberry lassi. Some swear you must use whole milk yogurt to call it a lassi, but I like the tang and frothiness that comes from blended buttermilk. From there, riff as you please, but don’t skip the cardamom and rosewater because they take it from meh to a tall sip of India.

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Charred Jalapeño and Carrot Margarita Cocktails |

Charred Jalapeño and Carrot Margarita Cocktails

Baja California, I've got a thing for you. We've hung out a fair amount and made some good memories. Like that time I had beginners luck and caught a marlin within 1 hour of setting sail? Or that time I off-roaded for 45 minutes all in the name of a meal and then came across Flora Farms? That's where I first came across the idea of a Carrot Margarita: like a pressed juice gone rogue and totally worth every bit of effort. 

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Kentucky Mule Cocktail |

Kentucky Mule Cocktail

he Kentucky Derby is all about big hats and Juleps but I've just never been convinced about that cocktail (big hats, on the other hand, yes), so I tweaked the Moscow Mule, to make it Derby worthy in this perfect Derby Day cocktail with bourbon and tons of mint. 

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Pomegranate Ginger Guava Margarita Cocktails |

Pomegranate Ginger Guava Margarita Cocktails

This Pomegranate and Guava Margarita is my ode to Austin because, like the city, it's a little bit odd, a little unexpected, a bit creative, and thoroughly enjoyable. So, cheers to the weekend and breaking all the social norms in the name of new adventures! 

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Saint Martin Calypso Chicken Salad |

Saint Martin Calypso Chicken Salad

The more I travel, the more I'm starting to believe that your tastebuds adjust to the local cuisine. Because when I was down in Saint Martin a few weeks back, I was downing hot sauce like it was water. I was searching out the best food on the island and had lunch at a lolo (a local-style open-air grill) that had seriously amazing spicy grilled chicken. So I created this recipe that brings the heat with this chicken marinade but lightens it all up with a salad perfect for the warmer weather.

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{Pan Con Tomate} Spanish Tomato Bread  |

{Pan Con Tomate} Spanish Tomato Bread

Mockingbird Hill is a bar in DC and has unique flairs like pour-over coffee, punk music, and industrial decor. But, the owner, Derek Brown, is a self-proclaimed sherry advocate and has made Mockingbird Hill into a sherry and ham bar. The food is simple but well done and one of my favorites was his twists on the classic tapas bite, Pan Con Tomate.

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Strawberry Moscow Mule Cocktail |

Strawberry Moscow Mule Cocktail

My 48 hours in Aspen was a whirlwind -- filled with the requisite town tour, lunch at White House Tavern, a hike through the Aspen trees, and a visit to the local distiller, Woody Creek. For the networking event I was a part of, I was asked to create a custom cocktail so I felt it fitting to make this twist on a Moscow Mule because it is a total conversation starter and came up with this Strawberry Moscow Mule.

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Poached Yolk-Stuffed Ravioli |

Poached Yolk-Stuffed Ravioli

I had this amazing pasta dish at L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon in London: just four ravioli. As I cut one open, I was delighted to see a yolk run out. It was instantly memorable, and the yolk gave a creamy texture to the pasta. We’ve added herbs to the pasta dough in our version, an easy way to transform it from plain to stunning. 

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Fava Asparagus Pea Spring Panzanella Salad |

Fava Asparagus Pea Spring Panzanella Salad

This is a very green take on the Italian bread salad, panzanella, and, while you could add in some crisped bacon or flaked smoked fish to make it more of a meal, it's perfectly perfect as is. 

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White Anchovy Toast With Pickled Fennel and Apple |

White Anchovy Toast With Pickled Fennel and Apple

Our version of the amazing anchovy appetizer at The Whale Wins in Seattle, this toast is so elegant and sophisticated it's begging to be served at your next cocktail party.

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Coeur au Choux Meyer Lemon Cream Puffs |

Coeur au Choux Meyer Lemon Cream Puffs

Team Salt & Wind is 100% behind The Grand Budapest Hotel. It's creative, gorgeous, and the plot revolves around a tower of cream puff pastries they coin the Courtesan au Chocolat. So, we made our own version with a Meyer Lemon cream filling.

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Mushroom Bulgogi Lettuce Wraps |

Mushroom Bulgogi Lettuce Wraps

Here in Los Angeles we've got some serious Korean food – heck, we've got a whole section of town dedicated to it – but I'm not always game to sit down to a whole Korean BBQ feast. These mushroom bulgogi wraps are my compromise because they've got all the flavors I love but vegetarianized so I can eat them on the regular. 

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