Souvenir Recipes

Like edible souvenirs, these our easy versions of recipes inspired by a trip or a memory of eating on the road so that you can eat like a local even if you never leave home.
Spiced Mexican Chocolate Coconut Pie |

Spiced Mexican Chocolate Coconut Pie

A delicious recipe for a simple, no-bake Chocolate Coconut Pie with graham cracker crust, cinnamon-and-cayenne-spiced chocolate pudding, rum whipped cream, and toasted coconut. 

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Spiked Horchata Latte Cocktail |

Spiked Horchata Latte Cocktail

This recipe is a sort of hybridized food souvenir. The nut milk is inspired by G&B Coffee in LA, who uses a similar milk to make their now legendary Almond Latte. Soon after, I was at Gracias Madre and had their Spiked Horchata cocktail made with mezcal and plenty of spice. Convinced that the sum would be even more incredible than the parts, I began tinkered until I came up with this Spiked Almond Hochata Latte cocktail.

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Mezzi Paccheri Pasta with Burrata Cream, Guanciale, and Saffron |

Mezzi Paccheri Pasta with Burrata Cream, Guanciale, and Saffron

During our trip to the Tuscan countryside, we came across one of the most interesting pastas we'd had in a long time. Made with burrata, saffron, and guanciale, it's an easy pasta that's decadent and totally amazing. 

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Strawberry Rosewater Cardamom Lassi |

Strawberry Rosewater Cardamom Lassi

My latest obsession has been this buttermilk and strawberry lassi. Some swear you must use whole milk yogurt to call it a lassi, but I like the tang and frothiness that comes from blended buttermilk. From there, riff as you please, but don’t skip the cardamom and rosewater because they take it from meh to a tall sip of India.

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Marinated Salumi Sandwich |

Marinated Salumi Sandwich

We'll admit it: we're major fan girls of Giada DiLaurentiis because, well, tbh, we feel like we relate to her. We too are from California, we too love all things Italy, and our cooking is very much inspired by both places. So it's no surprise that we swooned when we saw her newest book, Giada’s I...

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Charred Corn and Zucchini Mini Mexican Pizzas |

Charred Corn and Zucchini Mini Mexican Pizzas

While road tripping to Texas I found myself at La Gloria in San Antonio. They specialize in Mexican street food and they make tons of tlayudas aka the king of Oaxacan street food. Or, as anyone who's been to a TexMex restaurant calls it: Mexican Pizza. Here I mixed it up CalMex style and make a Mexican pizza that's individual-sized, lightened, and summer-ified. 

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Limoncello Creamsicle Boozy Popsicles |

Limoncello Creamsicle Boozy Popsicles

On my first trip to Italy, I'’d religiously finish the day with a cone of straciatella gelato while the adults would sip on ice-cold Limoncello. Though I didn't ever try more than an eyedropper full of the stuff, the intensely sweet, floral lemony flavor stayed with me and inspired these very adult Limoncello Creamsicle Popsicles.

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Watermelon, Tomato, and Feta Farro Salad |

Watermelon, Tomato, and Feta Farro Salad

A healthy recipe for a traditional twist on watermelon feta salad made with tomato, farro, and tons of arugula. 

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{The Hugo Cocktail} The White Spritz |

{The Hugo Cocktail} The White Spritz

One of my fave moments during my recent trip to the Amalfi coast was at the hillside town of Ravello where I spent a lazy day poolside. While there I tried these super light elderflower spritzes and I've quickly become a fan. 

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Classic Tiramisu Cake |

Classic Tiramisu Cake

There are times you gotta go 100% classic. Like with tiramisu. A few quality ingredients and a little extra effort means the difference between a soggy or heavy version or a light, airy, not-too-sweet one like this recipe!

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Strawberry-Tarragon Curd Toast |

Strawberry-Tarragon Curd Toast

A super simple but elegant recipe for a traditional French-style curd with tons of fresh strawberries, a hint of tarragon, this is perfect on toast, crepes, or served with scones.

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Charred Asparagus With Requeson And Mexican Dukkah |

Charred Asparagus With Requeson And Mexican Dukkah

In this super simple salad, pencil-thin asparagus are charred on a grill then tossed with a quick lime and olive oil combo. The twist I added was making a twist on Egyptian dukkah (a seed-herb-nut mix used for dipping bread) and used classic Mexican ingredients like cumin, Mexican oregano, pistachios, and almonds. 

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