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Five Favorite Pins: Apple Picking |

Five Favorite Pins: Apple Picking

Since when did it fall become an arbiter of cliches? Seriously—"sweater season," changing leaves, pumpkin everything—all these things rock, so what's with the aggressive eye-rolling? Why are we accepting the rejection of all the tasty, pretty, awesomeness of autumn? Well, we say don't accept it! Take back the cliches, starting with one "trend" that's particularly delicious in every way: this is your official invite to come apple picking with us—come on, you know you want to!

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Five Favorite Pins: Wine Harvest |

Five Favorite Pins: Wine Harvest

With all the beaches, Redwoods, and Golden Gate, it can sometimes slip our minds that California has a crazy amazing wine country, too. But come August and September, it's hard to imagine doing anything but spending an afternoon in the lush vineyards plotting our second lives as winemakers. Evening harvest dinners with copious friends and wine and the backdrop of a rustic-chic barn up against a California sunset? We'll take two, thank you very much.

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Salt & Wind Oahu Makers |

Salt & Wind Oahu Makers

This week Salt & Wind is heading west to Hawaii with some of our favorite fellow travelers. We’re well aware that might only cause vacation envy for a few of you. To help alleviate that, we’re recreating the trip in the form of a giveaway that includes a few nights at some of our favorite hotels as well as products from some amazing local Oahu producers.

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Five Favorite Pins: Autumn In The Air |

Five Favorite Pins: Autumn In The Air

Goodbye to the whites and hello to plaids: the first day of fall is officially here. The last golden rays of summer sunshine are fading, temperatures are dropping and we're starting to get excited about the changes that await our kitchens, closets, and cityscapes. 

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Five Favorite Pins: Golden Hour |

Five Favorite Pins: Golden Hour

Technically, the golden hour describes a time of day. But it’s so much more than a time of day. Beloved by photographers, these moments are filled with light that bathes everything in a gilded, hazy perfection. Seems to us that Mother Nature was the original Instagrammer.

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Five Favorite Pins: Labor Day White |

Five Favorite Pins: Labor Day White

You guys, before we get down to partying this weekend, we need bring up something first: who made the rule about "no white after Labor Day"?

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Ruling Unruly Curls |

Ruling Unruly Curls

One of the reasons we are such fangirls of Julie? Because she has the most amazing hair! Her natural curls are like her personality — always bright, bouncy, and shiny — no matter what the weather or where she’s headed. So, for this edition of Beauty On The Go, we begged for her to spill her secrets.

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Bringing The Beach Home |

Bringing The Beach Home

There is something about the beach that evokes ultimate relaxation vibes. Warm breezes, gold-filtered light and a sense of slowing down without a care in the world — well, except for finishing that magazine and icy drink before sundown. We think everyone deserves a little coastal comfort year round so we’re bringing that calm inland!

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Five Favorite Pins: Summer Fair |

Five Favorite Pins: Summer Fair

There are certain events and celebrations that truly give you a sense of the season, and if you grew up in a small town, you can probably connect with our love of the annual summer fair. Passing by one now is immediately transporting: the rides, the sounds, the smells—not to mention, the chance for silver screen-worthy summer romance. If you ask us, the memory and magic of those nights spent wandering hand in hand through the fairgrounds lasts long after the crushes have faded.

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Five Favorite Pins: Ice Cream Sunday |

Five Favorite Pins: Ice Cream Sunday

You know what can make these summer days a little cooler, and a little sweeter? Ice cream. Because ice cream is always a good idea. Other good ideas? Keeping a healthy stock of options in the freezer at all times, and a well-maintained Pinterest board for when cravings (and inspiration) start to spike along with the temps. 

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Why Boise Should Be On Your Pacific Northwest Travel Radar |

Why Boise Should Be On Your Pacific Northwest Travel Radar

Locals will tell you “I visited other places, but always come back to Boise” and with good reason — we've got a lot of hidden gems (this is the Gem State, after all). True, Boise may not be the biggest city around, but biggest doesn’t always mean best, ya know? Here are 5 reasons to put Boise on your radar.

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Summer Entertaining Must-Haves |

Summer Entertaining Must-Haves

Summer is about breaking the rules a bit, isn’t it? Similar to picking out this year’s statement swimsuit, there is a certain care thrown to the wind and excuse to dip our toes into a little more color or pattern than normal, so we’ve picked out our current fave pops of personality sure to get any summer celebration started in style.

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