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Five Favorite Pins: Wimbledon  |

Five Favorite Pins: Wimbledon

True, one might say it's just a tiny bit traitorous, but now that the Fourth festivities are over, we're heading across the pond to partake in a little sporting event called Wimbledon. That is, we're doing so on Pinterest at least.

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Five Favorite Pins: See You at the Beach |

Five Favorite Pins: See You at the Beach

What do you do on the longest day of the year? Spend every minute of it at the beach, of course! 

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Five Favorite Pins: Sunshine State |

Five Favorite Pins: Sunshine State

When June rolls around, no matter what the weather is actually doing, we can't help but be in a sunshine state of mind. It makes us question how people can live anywhere there isn't 365-day beach access, or why we ever need to take off our favorite sunnies, ever.

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Five Favorite Pins: Summer Camp |

Five Favorite Pins: Summer Camp

Raise your hand if you miss going to summer camp. If your hand shot in the air faster than you can san "Moonrise Kingdom," you're in some pretty good company; ever since the unofficial kickoff to summer, we've been dreaming about grabbing a bunch of friends and getting outdoors to have some lazy-day adventures. But instead of wanderlusting our way to an exotic beach, we're putting on our Wes Anderson-tinted glasses and imagining something a little more nostalgic.

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Five Favorite Pins: Summer Vacation |

Five Favorite Pins: Summer Vacation

Summer's passing faster than we'd like to admit so we're on a mission to maximize every last ray of sun, and use every excuse to get out there and enjoy the season's sweetest experiences. It's also the month during which half the world seems to be on vacation so we thought we'd tag along.

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Five Favorite Pins: California |

Five Favorite Pins: California

Aida’s been away for a while now, and let me be the first to say, she’s certainly been missed around these parts! I know she’s been having a wanderlust-worthy journey (have you seen her Instagram photos lately?!) but, if she's like me, then it’s usually around the 2-week mark of a vacation that you start to feel a little homesick, you know? So I thought I’d plan a little surprise for her – my favorite pins this week are all about Aida’s favorite place in the whole world: her home state of California.

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Five Favorite Pins: Strawberries |

Five Favorite Pins: Strawberries

Maybe it was more than a coincidence, then, that we saw so many strawberry-themed recipes popping up in the week before Mother's Day. The internet has mysterious ways of showing you just what you need sometimes. In any case, I took it as a sign and so this time, it’s all strawberry fields forever. 

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Five Favorite Pins: Spring Break |

Five Favorite Pins: Spring Break

Did you guys see the Cards Against Humanity Coachella expansion pack over at WhoWhatWear? If you've ever gone to the infamous festival then you'll laugh your ironic flower crowns off at white cards like "One million girls in neon jorts" and "A wild pack of shirtless bros," and black cards like "____: the real secret to getting your outfit photographed by a street style photog."

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Five Favorite Pins: Candy Colored |

Five Favorite Pins: Candy Colored

How gorgeous is this cotton candy photo? Kristin is up to some pretty delectable collaborations over at Dine X Design, and her new series "Fashion Feast" takes the cake. The whole shoot is worth checking out - and perfect for pins - but this one photo in particular caught our eye - rose and lavender-flavored cotton candy, matched with a cloud of pastel hair and swirled up into one big beautiful mess. 

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Channeling Cuba Style |

Channeling Cuba Style

Mojitos. Classic cars. Buena Vista Social Club. Up until a few days ago, that was pretty much the extent of my knowledge of Cuba. It's a place so often described as "stuck in time" that it seems cliche, but just a few days here and I can attest it's such an intriguing mix of old and now.

I'm curr...

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Five Favorite Pins: Pot Of Gold |

Five Favorite Pins: Pot Of Gold

You know what we like about St. Patrick's Day? That whole pot-of-gold thing. Hunting around for St. Pat's brunch ideas, we came across some stunning photos that inspired us to go for the gold, rather than the green this weekend, and we just had to share them in this today's post. We hope you all find yourselves lucky this weekend, and we also hope you enjoy our five favorite pins this week!

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Five Favorite Pins: Confetti |

Five Favorite Pins: Confetti

How awesome we're birthday parties when you were a kid? The balloons, the presents, the venues (roller rinks, anyone?) and the cakes - oh, the cakes! There were some really fantastic ones (like the multicolor Hello Kitty one Aida had for her 8th birthday) though, whatever no matter the design it usually wound up on my face or my party dress - let's chalk that up to accessorizing, shall we?

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