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Our weekly selection of Pinterest pins that have caught our eye right at this moment.
Five Favorite Pins: Road Trippin' | http://saltandwind.com

Five Favorite Pins: Road Trippin'

Memorial Day weekend is here at last. We've given you suggestions for firing up the grill, and now we've got one idea for what to do next: fire up your engine. Summer is officially here and that means the excuses to take a long weekend road trip are as plentiful as the scenic views along Highway 1.

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Our Favorite Pins | Thanksgiving | http://saltandwind.com

Our Favorite Pins | Thanksgiving

In celebration of Thanksgiving, our favorite pins this week are all holiday recipes that inject a little international flair into the dinner offerings—an officially #SWapproved holiday spread.

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Five Favorite Pins: Tailgating | http://saltandwind.com

Five Favorite Pins: Tailgating

We're suckers for some good Sunday Funday football. Whether you reign your fantasy football league or you don't know what a fumble is, we're sure there's one thing we can all cheer for: a great tailgate. To us, tailgating is a state of mind — no parking lot or gameday ticket needed to play. 

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Five Favorite Pins: Moody Musings | http://saltandwind.com

Five Favorite Pins: Moody Musings

It always seems to happen this way, doesn't it? We get so excited about something that we can't get enough, and consume so much of a good thing that in the end, we want exactly the opposite. Like a craving for green juice after a weekend of burritos and beer. Of course the same thing would happen after Easter: we've been getting our fill of pastels! brights! spring things! and -- maybe it's because too many Peeps or jelly beans were eaten -- but the only cure seems to be dark. Moody. Yet it's still spring. So, what we want to know is: can we have it both ways? I think we can.

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Five Favorite Pins: Pretty In Pastel | http://saltandwind.com

Five Favorite Pins: Pretty In Pastel

When it comes down to it, spring is all about color. Sure there are autumn reds and winter whites, but no other season is so defined by its color palette than spring - pastels in every color of the rainbow, in every shape and form you can imagine.

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Five Favorite Pins: Hat Tricks | http://saltandwind.com

Five Favorite Pins: Hat Tricks

We love a good cupcake topper; our nacho-philosophy is "the more the merrier;" and don't even get us started on wedding cakes. These hat tricks give us a lot of joy, so, when there's a holiday that demands we top ourselves, we take it to the next level.

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Five Favorite Pins: Think Pink | http://saltandwind.com

Five Favorite Pins: Think Pink

Julia, Julia... how are your words of wisdom always so perfect? It's true, "A party without cake is just a meeting," and the same could be said about spring -- without its bright pops of color, Spring would just be another few months of winter! Her quote and this pin inspired us to think pink this week, and we're glad to see the internet was thinking the same.

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Five Favorite Pins: Pumpkin Spice Up Your Life | http://saltandwind.com

Five Favorite Pins: Pumpkin Spice Up Your Life

We’re gonna have to talk about pumpkin spice for a minute. It’s time to push the reset button on this relationship. Pumpkin Spice, it wasn’t you! You did absolutely nothing wrong. You went on being delicious as you always are, but—maybe it was jealousy from all the other flavors, who knows—for some reason everyone turned on you. Get ready for a whole lot of love.

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Five Favorite Pins: Apple Picking | http://saltandwind.com

Five Favorite Pins: Apple Picking

Since when did it fall become an arbiter of cliches? Seriously—"sweater season," changing leaves, pumpkin everything—all these things rock, so what's with the aggressive eye-rolling? Why are we accepting the rejection of all the tasty, pretty, awesomeness of autumn? Well, we say don't accept it! Take back the cliches, starting with one "trend" that's particularly delicious in every way: this is your official invite to come apple picking with us—come on, you know you want to!

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Five Favorite Pins: Wine Harvest | http://saltandwind.com

Five Favorite Pins: Wine Harvest

With all the beaches, Redwoods, and Golden Gate, it can sometimes slip our minds that California has a crazy amazing wine country, too. But come August and September, it's hard to imagine doing anything but spending an afternoon in the lush vineyards plotting our second lives as winemakers. Evening harvest dinners with copious friends and wine and the backdrop of a rustic-chic barn up against a California sunset? We'll take two, thank you very much.

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Five Favorite Pins: Tour De France | http://saltandwind.com

Five Favorite Pins: Tour De France

Go figure: as soon as Fall drops upon us, the fashion world wants to talk Spring! The whole concept is much easier though when you remember that it's not just Fashion Week but Paris Fashion Week. Just the thought of Paris has us humming Ella Fitzgerald while pulling out our crinkled, well-loved maps, and Googling "best baguette in all the land." As a tip of the chapeau, we're taking a little tour de France this week with this week's favorite pins

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Five Favorite Pins: Autumn In The Air | http://saltandwind.com

Five Favorite Pins: Autumn In The Air

Goodbye to the whites and hello to plaids: the first day of fall is officially here. The last golden rays of summer sunshine are fading, temperatures are dropping and we're starting to get excited about the changes that await our kitchens, closets, and cityscapes. 

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