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Food Anatomy: Hawaii's Best Malasadas |

Food Anatomy: Hawaii's Best Malasadas

If you're headed to Hawaii, there's a lot of must eat food but top of our list is the malasada. Here's everything you need to know about a malasada — as in what makes a good malasada and where to find the best malasadas in Hawaii.

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Road-Tested Recipes: 18 Recipes To Make For Your Next Road Trip |

Road-Tested Recipes: 18 Recipes To Make For Your Next Road Trip

The plus of a road trip: exploring every mile of a trip. The negative? Risking drab roadside food. We head that off by bringing our food along with these 15+ recipes that are road-trip ready.

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The Best Fish Tacos in San Diego |

The Best Fish Tacos in San Diego

San Diego is known for it’s nearly-perfect year-round weather, dazzling coastline, booming craft beer scene and, paramount for any foodie, its abundance of incredibly delicious Mexican food.  Particularly, the much sought-after Fish Taco. Here is our search to find the best one!

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Recipes From Around The World: Pulses |

Recipes From Around The World: Pulses

You've probably noticed that, just as much as my adventures influence my cooking, so do ingredients. And when it comes to one set of ingredients—pulses—I can't help think of how many places I've seen them. Here are a few of our favorite pulses recipes inspired by our travels.

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How We Achieved Hummus Perfection |

How We Achieved Hummus Perfection

Over 1 month of travel, more than 50,000 miles, loads of chickpeas, and what do we have to show for it? Our rules to making the all-time best hummus.

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(Almost) Everything You Need Can Be Found at the Boston Public Market |

(Almost) Everything You Need Can Be Found at the Boston Public Market

Bostonians take pride in all things local (just look at our sports fans), but just as passionate are the food lovers and you can head to the Boston Public Market to see why.

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5 Tips For Martini Perfection |

5 Tips For Martini Perfection

Happy holidays, friends! The month ahead is by far one of my favorite times of year but it can also get to be super overwhelming, especially if you're entertaining. Which is why we want to talk Martinis. Our key to mastering holiday entertaining is to put a festive twist on a classic cocktail, perferably one that can be just as easily make for a party of ten as a party of two.

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Ver-O-Peso, Belém, Brazil  |

Ver-O-Peso, Belém, Brazil

We like our travels to be unique but one thing we must do everywhere we go is visit a local market. On our trip to Belém, Brazil we visited the Ver-O-Peso market, which wins when it comes to markets because it's the largest open air market in Latin America and because it sits at the mouth of the Amazon river, meaning it's got a mine worth of culinary gemstones.

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Sussing Out Sumac |

Sussing Out Sumac

The Middle Eastern spice we keep seeing more and more of and why you should keep it on hand for your cooking adventures. 

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Touring Anchor Brewing |

Touring Anchor Brewing

My best friend is about to marry a drummer for an up-and-coming SF-based indie band, Geographer. We joke that she finally gets to live out our angst-y teenage daydream of being band aids, attending shows, and tossing about cheesy phrases like, "I'm with the band." 

Geographer is San Francisco's s...

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Mercado Olympic |

Mercado Olympic

It was one of those rare L.A. moments when the streets were empty as if everyone had overslept or just plain skipped town. It helped that I was racing through downtown L.A.’s Warehouse District, which is all but abandoned during the weekends -- or so I thought. As I headed down Central Avenue tow...

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Visiting Volcano Island Honey |

Visiting Volcano Island Honey

It was if the skies were weeping there was so much rain falling and yet, not even 24 hours prior, I had been crossing fields of lava rock in heat so dry I could’ve baked flatbread. After taking my Hyundai rental car to its limit by off-roading over a pot hole-ridden, washed out road, I trekked by...

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Madre Chocolate |

Madre Chocolate

Madre Chocolate is but one year old yet they've made an impact in that short time, and, with good measure, as they're the only bean-to-bar artisanal chocolate shop in the state of Hawaii. They couldn't be more uniquely located because Hawaii is the only one of the 50 states where cacao is current...

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