Kristin Guy

Kristin Guy

Kristin Guy is a Los Angeles based Creative Director and writer dedicated to creating food-centric lifestyle content for a wide variety of national outlets. She is a proven trend-hunter of well-designed kitchen / tabletop decor and a globe-trotting scout for the best places to eat, drink and shop for your home.

Modern Merry Design: 5 Decor Items To Up Your Holiday Style |

Modern Merry Design: 5 Decor Items To Up Your Holiday Style

As much as we love the traditions of trimming the tree and stringing up the lights, sometimes the annual repeat of the same holiday decor can start to feel a little, well boring.  Let’s ...
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Design Doing Good: 5 Charitable Shops Worth Supporting |

Design Doing Good: 5 Charitable Shops Worth Supporting

‘Tis the season to be thankful...and to start frantically checking off your gift giving list before the madness and frazzles the holiday spice right out of you. Why not ditch the unnecessary ...
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Warming Up To Fall |

Warming Up To Fall

We believe in shade shifting along with the time of year and Autumn is one of the best amber-hued excuses to heat things up with our life’s color palette. From brass accents to natural fibers...
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Bringing The Beach Home |

Bringing The Beach Home

There is something about the beach that evokes ultimate relaxation vibes. Warm breezes, gold-filtered light and a sense of slowing down without a care in the world — well, except for finishin...
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Summer Entertaining Must-Haves |

Summer Entertaining Must-Haves

Summer is about breaking the rules a bit, isn’t it? Similar to picking out this year’s statement swimsuit, there is a certain care thrown to the wind and excuse to dip our toes int...
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Cabin Love |

Cabin Love

Oh mountain air! Or is that desert air? Whatever location you choose to relax in, there is something incredibly rejuvenating about getting cozy in a cabin while enjoying the surrounding nature. Hec...
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5 Makers We're Currently Crushing On |

5 Makers We're Currently Crushing On

Every once in awhile, we come across a designer who’s creating such an unbelievably unique line of tabletop or kitchen items, that our hearts skip a beat and we go from “I want” t...
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