Aida Mollenkamp

Aida Mollenkamp

Aida is a food and travel expert, on-camera host, author, and the founder of Salt & Wind and Salt & Wind Travel. She's a California native who has always had a global perspective in her cooking and in life. Over the years, she has visited more than 35 countries and 35 states and has lived in Europe and across the United States. She is on a mission to help food lovers taste the world.

Thai Shrimp Tostadas |

Thai Shrimp Tostadas

We're of the belief that tostadas make anything better -- the salty, crunchy goodness means you can raise your favorite foods up high on a sort-of flavor pedestal. And in the realm of tostada hiera...
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Coconut-Curry Ice Cream |

Coconut-Curry Ice Cream

Bring out the streamers, float the balloons, and sport your best party hats because it’s birthday time! I decided to make an adult ice cream that would be fitting while still festive. And I&r...
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Hibiscus Berry Aperol Moscow Mule Cocktails |

Hibiscus Berry Aperol Moscow Mule Cocktails

Summer just might be my favorite season for cocktails. Maybe it’s all the days in the sun, that it’s wedding season, or that there’s always something to toast, but I’ve been...
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Burrata with Chipotle Strawberries and Arugula |

Burrata with Chipotle Strawberries and Arugula

Seasonal eating is my jam and, like changing out my closet from winter to spring, I get excited to swap salads for risottos from summer to fall or stews for smoothies from winter to spring. But the...
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Brothy Garlic Soup with Slow-Roasted Tomatoes and Poached Eggs |

Brothy Garlic Soup with Slow-Roasted Tomatoes and Poached Eggs

Summer colds are kind of the worst. I mean, it's not like I ever really want to voluntarily sign up for a cold but there's something about being feverish and sniffly when it's hot outside that just...
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Blended Mint Lemonade |

Blended Mint Lemonade

Souvenirs are one of those things I never get right when I'm traveling -- either I tell myself they're not practical and end up with zero or I buy a bunch of tchochkes that are fated to collect dus...
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Strawberry Rhubarb Slab Pie |

Strawberry Rhubarb Slab Pie

This recipe was directly inspired by my trip to Estonia. Here in Tallinn they haven’t quite gotten the memo that it’s Spring and the ground is just beginning to thaw. Despite ...
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Pea and Asparagus Pasta Carbonara |

Pea and Asparagus Pasta Carbonara

Pasta purists, consider this your invitation to gang up on me. Well, first, let me apologize. If not to you, then to my great-grandmother because she is surely pissed at me right now. I’ve done the...
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Mexican Coffee Affogato |

Mexican Coffee Affogato

Why should the Italians have all the fun with affogato? I mean, I get that they came up with pouring coffee over ice cream and, in true Italian form, it's pretty perfect in its simplicity. But, I'v...
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Sake Miso Mussels with Wilted Greens |

Sake Miso Mussels with Wilted Greens

 I love to get away. If there’s a trip to be had, I can be packed and ready with suitcase in hand within minutes. Like that one time my coworker casually invited on a last minute trip to Europe and...
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