Aida Mollenkamp

Aida Mollenkamp

Aida is a food and travel expert, on-camera host, author, and the founder of Salt & Wind and Salt & Wind Travel. She's a California native who has always had a global perspective in her cooking and in life. Over the years, she has visited more than 35 countries and 35 states and has lived in Europe and across the United States. She is on a mission to help food lovers taste the world.

Pomegranate, Persimmon, and Pistachio Wild Rice Salad |

Pomegranate, Persimmon, and Pistachio Wild Rice Salad

Consider this like the Little Black Dress of salads -- it works in any occasion from a formal dinner party to a light lunch. This wild rice salad came from very humble beginnings (aka me cleaning o...
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Fudgy Coconut Brigadeiro Brownies |

Fudgy Coconut Brigadeiro Brownies

These brownies are inspired by trip to Brazil and, if I learned anything while there, it's that they're not big on restraint. Especially when it comes to dessert. Especially when the dessert are br...
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Hi Kai Mai Tai Cocktail |

Hi Kai Mai Tai Cocktail

This isn't anything close to a traditional Mai Tai because I don't dare face the wrath of Mai Tai aficionados. Think of this as a Mai Tai light as it's tamed with passion fruit juice (look for the ...
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Blistered Balsamic Concord Grapes |

Blistered Balsamic Concord Grapes

Oh, Balsamic Blistered Concord Grapes, where have you been all my life? I always thought grapes were just fine as is until you came along. Blistered in a hot oven with sweet-tart vinegar and herbs,...
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Hazelnut-Chocolate Linzer Cookies |

Hazelnut-Chocolate Linzer Cookies

Linzer cookies just might be my favorites -- what's not to like about two buttery cookies sandwiched around a sweet filling? Some form or another of the recipe has been around for over 300 years so...
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Spinach Salad With Spiced-Walnut Salmon And Cilantro-Mint Dressing |

Spinach Salad With Spiced-Walnut Salmon And Cilantro-Mint Dressing

I tell myself salad rights all wrongs. That it's the great dietary equalizer. That no matter how many baby bites I ate, plane food I consumed hopping back-and-forth across the country in 48 hours, ...
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Smoky Michelada Beer Cocktail |

Smoky Michelada Beer Cocktail

You know the Michelada - a classic Mexican beer cocktail -- has hit mainstream when it's being bottled and sold in mobile trucks. No matter how popular it gets though, I can't imagine ever buying i...
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Red Pepper Sambal Muhammara Dip |

Red Pepper Sambal Muhammara Dip

I know, I know, it’s getting a little awkward so let’s talk about the elephant in the room. I’ve got a thing for roasted red peppers in a major way and this Red Pepper Sambal Muhammara Dip is why. ...
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Burrata and Agrodolce Fig Crostini  |

Burrata and Agrodolce Fig Crostini

Toast is having a moment and I'm all about it. Honestly, I have never needed an excuse to get on board with bread -- if the savory sister of the sweet tooth is a "bread tooth," I totally ...
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Cuban Iced Chocolate Frappe |

Cuban Iced Chocolate Frappe

I call this drink a Cuban Iced Chocolate Frappe because it's inspired by that stupendous chocolate concoction I had in Old Town Havana when I visited Cuba but I don't know where it's really fr...
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