Eleanor Buckle

Eleanor Buckle

Eleanor Buckle is a stylist and our go-to girl when it comes to staying fashionable on the road. 

Cape Cod Clambake Chic | http://saltandwind.com

Cape Cod Clambake Chic

There is a part of us that wishes we were born in New England. That we'd have a summer house, somewhere like Cape Cod. And we could throw lobster and clambakes on the regular. If you happen to be s...
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Bachelorette in Wine Country | http://saltandwind.com

Bachelorette in Wine Country

It's that time of year where you've likely got a bachelorette or three to go to. We're partial to wine country girls' weekends—here's what to wear to nail wine country chic.
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Music Festival Chic | http://saltandwind.com

Music Festival Chic

Can you hear that? It's the sound of music lovers filling their Spotify playlists in anticipation of festival season. Now it's all about what to wear! Our trick to aceing festival dressing is being...
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Cross-Country Road Trip | http://saltandwind.com

Cross-Country Road Trip

Clear the schedule, check the tires, and pack some snacks, 'cuz it's time to hit the road. We're talking cross country and hitting all the stops — Grand Canyon, Route 66, Austin&nbs...
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Beach Day at Caneel Bay | http://saltandwind.com

Beach Day at Caneel Bay

The most fun we’ve had packing lately? Far and away it was for our girls’ trip to the Carribean. One of our favorite stops was the picture-perfect Trunk Bay on St. John's where we snork...
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Valentine's Day Breakfast In Bed | http://saltandwind.com

Valentine's Day Breakfast In Bed

This Valentine's we’re going all out. We’re making a weekend of it. We're heading to San Francisco, because, with or without an S.O. it's one of the most romantic cities we know: foggy ...
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Happy Hour at High West Saloon | http://saltandwind.com

Happy Hour at High West Saloon

Sundance kicks off today and we're wishing we were on a plane to Park City. We'd be watching films, hitting the slopes, and apres-skiing at the High West Saloon – the only thing we'...
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New Year’s Eve in the Caribbean | http://saltandwind.com

New Year’s Eve in the Caribbean

It could happen, right? You could find yourself packing for a last-minute trip to some place warm, like Antigua. Oh, but what will you wear? (A girl can dream….)
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Christmas Cocktails In Manhattan | http://saltandwind.com

Christmas Cocktails In Manhattan

The mood is festive, the dress is sultry, the place is classy—it’s a date! The only question: what to wear? 
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